BarleyLife is a live unprocessed uncooked food concentrate. Its unaltered natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins) and enzymes are readily assimilated (or accepted) by our bodies. When our body’s pH is more acidic we are more susceptible to diseases. Most people with severe allergies have acidic systems. Most processed foods are acidic, and when we consume too many of them the acidity/alkaline balance is upset. To obtain a balanced pH it would require a consistent diet of 70-80 percent raw fruits and vegetables. Barley Life’s neutral to slightly alkaline pH is very useful in balancing the acidity of our bodies. IT IS NOW KNOWN THAT A CANCEROUS CELL CANNOT SURVIVE IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT!

Chlorophyll rids the body of dead cells, reduces or eliminates bad breath, and among many others can cause old age spots to disappear. Barley Life contains at least 16 vitamins, 11 major minerals and 12 trace minerals. It is a whole food concentrate; that is, it is as close to its natural state as possible and thus supplies the nutrients in a natural proportion. The presence of a 1000 live different enzymes classify this product as a “Live food”.

The protein in BarleyLife is made up of amino acids. 18 different amino acids are found in Barley Life out of the 21 found in our bodies. The three not in Barley Life are manufactured by our body itself. Green barley leaves contain a multitude of the body’s spark plugs, enzymes. Enzymes supply the spark that starts the essential chemical reactions our bodies need to live.

Barley Life is loaded with antioxidants. In fact AIM does everything possible to harvest the barley leaves at the time when antioxidant levels are their highest.

Millions of people around the work have overcome sickness and disease with simple nutrition. It is time we wake up and take notice, realize that our bodies were not designed to run on drugs, and change our diets. With well over 25 years of reports of from the users of barley juice powder, thousands have experience tremendous results.

R650 (360g)

Provides the fiber that is often lacking in our diets. For lots of us, THE EXCESS WEIGHT WE CARRY (FROM 2-5 OR MORE KG!) IS ACTUALLY TOXIC WASTE THAT HASN’T BEEN DISCARD OF! This can make us particularly  vulnerable to disease starting to fester in our intestines. This product with its combination of fiber and cleansing herbs provides the perfect way to keep your digestive system clean and maintain your digestive health. Helps maintain whole body health, digestive health, regular bowel movements. Irregularity can affect your emotional state, how well your brain processes information, cause skin breakouts and bloating and prevent your body from absorbing nutrientsHerbal Fiberblend detoxifies and provides more thorough evacuation of waste. Soluble fiber also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and may reduce incidences of diverticulosis, colon cancer, and appendicitis. Water-soluble fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

R420 (375g)

In today’s fast-paced, stressed life, this unique blend of eight herbal extracts will help you maintain a less stressful, balanced state of mind, and experience a healthy sense of well-being. It helps MAINTAIN NEURO HEALTH, INCREASED RELAXATION, AND A BETTER NIGHT’S REST.

R250 (60 vegicaps)


The highest quality Omega 3, 6 & 9 formula from organic seed oil. Essential fatty acids (EFA) are incorporated into every cell of the body, and are key structural, metabolic, and regulatory components of cells. It helps maintain healthy cell membrane function, protects against high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, enhances anti-inflammatory response, promotes wound healing, enhances healthy hormone balance, is a daily essential to promote overall health and immunity! The capsules are also halal and kosher friendly.

R390 (120 softgel capsules)

Para 90

Parasite infection can be manifested by any number of signs. These include constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, IBS, anemia, allergies, chronic fatigue, and more. Para 90 is a special herbal cleansing product targeted to your intestinal track. When you use this product you feel “cleaner” and in control of your digestive track, it will help your body cleanse itself. 

Pregnant or nursing women should not use AIM Para 90. Very frail elderly people, children under three or frail children, and people with colon problems should consult a health practitioner. 

R330 (90 vegicaps)

Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

Certified for 100% stabilized purity, in order to preserve the gel and prevent it from losing any of its potency and effectiveness, by the International Aloe Science Council.

This miraculous leaf has been found to contain over 200 different compounds. It is has an ADAPTOGENIC NATURE which means it seeks weakness in the body and restores it, bringing back balance as well as protection!

This gel supports your digestive system and helps nutrient absorption, bringing forth a naturally high energy level. Each product offers a range of nutrients with a pureness that promotes optimal health and vitality!

PAIN INHIBITOR: Aloe Vera blocks pain in the deep layers of the skin due to its active components and their powers to penetrate and ease inflammation.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY/ANTI-ALLERGENIC: Aloe works similarly to steroids, but without side effects. It is also helpful in healing skin abrasions and burns as it contains magnesium lactate, a substance which inhibits the histamine reactions in response to irritants.

INCREASED HEALING: Aloe Vera has high levels of zinc, potassium and calcium, as well as vitamins E and C. These minerals promote the formation of a net of fibres, that trap the red corpuscles of the blood therefore speeding the healing process.

ANTI-BIOTIC ACTION: Anti-microbial – Aloe is excellent in eliminating bacteria as well as preventing infection. Anti-viral – Aloe is very effective in fighting various viruses and is being studied as an aid to AZT in fighting HIV (AIDS).  Anti-fungal – Acts as a fungicide.

CELL REGENERATION: Aloe possesses a hormone that accelerates the growth of new cells and eliminates old one. The calcium in Aloe helps to regulate the liquid in and around the cells, creating healthy cells in all body tissue. Aloe contains 18 amino acids which the body needs to form proteins and tissues. It also contains minerals, which are vital in healthy cellular operation and metabolism.

ENERGISER: Aloe helps promote good metabolism, which is the production of energy for the body. It also contains vitamin C, which acts to increase circulation and improves functioning of the cardiovascular system.

DIGESTION: Aloe contains a great number of enzymes, some of which are not produced by the body and need to be obtained externally. The enzymes aid in breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats in order for them to be absorbed by the body. Potassium found in Aloe stimulates the liver and kidneys, which are the principle organs for detoxification. Aloe also contains uronic acids which eliminate toxic materials from the cells.

DILATES VESSELS: Dilates capillaries, thereby increasing blood flow.

A profound effect has been had by many customers with disorders of the digestive system, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticulitis. Also improvement to skin complaints such as Psoriasis and Eczema. Positive effects on Arthritis, Strokes, Blood Pressure, Stress levels, Asthma and Sugar Diabetes

From R395 (1 Litre)

Aloe & Bee Propolis Creme

Who but Forever Living Products could produce a moisturiser as unique as Aloe Propolis Crème? This creme literally changes the TONE and TEXTURE of your skin!

Combining their world leadership in Aloe Vera and beehive products, this is one of their most popular skin care products!

Excellent as a skin moisturiser and conditioner, it is a rich blend of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis, with other ingredients recognised for their contribution to healthy skin. Chamomile, one of nature’s best-known skin care herbs, is also added to the mix. Vit. A & E complete the formula, recognised for their natural skin-conditioning properties.

Is sure to refine your skin tone and texture!

R309 (118ml)

Aloe Sunscreen

This natural ingredient sunscreen BLOCKS UVA and UVB rays. It is formulated with 100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel helps minimize dryness and helps MAINTAIN THE SKIN’S NATURAL MOISTURE BALANCE! Prolonged sun exposure brings about burn, dryness and water loss. This formula has powerful humectants, that reduce the loss of skin moisture. A true oasis for your skin that is gentle yet potent and has a WATER RESISTANT formulation that even retains its sun protection factor after 40 minutes of activity in the water.

R233 (118ml)

Aloe Toothgel

Children, vegetarians… everyone will LOVE this! Gentle, non-fluoride, combines Aloe Vera, bee propolis, peppermint and spearmint for a natural tasting, teeth whitening formula! Great foaming and smooth, bright, clean feeling teeth. Truly an awesome product!

R120 (130g)

Natural Deodorant Stick

Made without any harmful antiperspirant aluminum salts found in many other deodorants! The high Aloe content causes no irritation if applied directly after shaving or waxing. A clean, pleasant scent for all day protection and peace of mind.

R112 (92.1g)

royal jelly

Royal Jelly Supplement

Royal Jelly is a milky secretion derived form the pharyngeal glands of the honey bee. This “superfood” of the bees is specially blended with enzymes and fed to each bee destined to become a queen. It is the exclusive food of the queen bee throughout her highly productive life, enabling her to lay up to 3, 000 eggs per day during her six-year lifespan. Worker bees eating ordinary honey live only four to six weeks!

Royal Jelly contains trace quantities of Vits. A, C, D, & E & the B-complex vitamins including Vit. B5 (Pantothenic Acid), one of the most important substances in the body, essential for the synthesis and metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and several hormones.

Royal Jelly contains a balanced blend of trace elements including amino acids, calcium, copper, iron phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sulphur and nucleic acid.

This exclusive Royal Jelly is gathered from dry, remote, high desert regions where pristine conditions provide the ideal environment. It is extracted from the hive and immediately freeze-dried to remove only the excess water from the product, leaving the other elements intact.

R516 (60 tablets)

Kids Chewable Multivitamin

A daily dose of vitamins that tastes like a grape flavoured treat! Naturally flavoured, they also include phytonutrients taken from raw broccoli, spinach, beets, carrots and other nutritious fruits and veggies. Appropriate for ages two and older, to help growing bodies and minds...

R232 (120 tablets)

Aloe Face & Hand Soap

 This pump-action dispenser contains a rich, pearlescent, moisturizing hand & face cleanser with a generous amount of aloe!

It creates a luxurious lather, leaving the skin feeling clean, smooth and silky, while minimizing the irritations experienced with some bar soaps. Its mild formula also makes it an ideal shampoo for children and adults alike.

Biodegradable, pH-balanced and non-irritating, it is mild enough for daily facial, hand, hair or body cleansing, and is suitable for those with sensitive skin

R240 (473ml)

Foaming soap

Aloe Vera Gelly

Historically , a major use of Aloe Vera was to soothe minor skin irritations. Many households kept a live aloe, or ‘burn plant’ for first-aid use. Forever Living’s 100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel lubricates sensitive tissue safely. Specially prepared for topical application to moisturise, soothe and condition, it is a thick, translucent gel containing humectants and moisturisers. Readily absorbed by the skin, it soothes without staining clothes.

Aloe Vera Gelly provides temporary relief from minor skin irritations. It can also be used on the skin prior to ultrasonic treatment, or after electrolysis. Hairdressers use the Gelly around the hair line before perming and colouring.

A truly multipurpose product! Can be used topically or ingested, for instance you can use it for mouth sores, swallow it for a sore throat or cough, it dries out coldsores, is very calming on acne skin, brings back life to a tongue burnt with hot food & liquids… yes, truly a remarkable first-aid kit product!


aloe gelly

Aloe Moisturising Lotion

Weather, wind and pollution – day in, day out, they take their toll on your skin. Now you can help your skin overcome the elements with this exquisite product.

This unique lotion has outstanding humectant and moisturising properties. It contains Collagen and Elastin to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic while maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. It is ideal for replenishing lost moisture and restoring skin’s soft, silky feel.

Aloe moisturising lotion is excellent for face, hands and body, helping to counteract the effects of pollution and the environment. Once the lotion has been smoothed on and absorbed through the skin, makeup can be applied as usual.

R233 (118ml)


The PERFECT way to kick start your WEIGHT LOSS / DETOX for summer in a MOST HEALTHY way!


  • 2 litres of Forever Aloe Vera Drinking Gel (original)
  • Forever lite Ultra Shake Mix (vanilla or chocolate)
  • Forever Garcinia Plus – 54 softgels
  • Forever Fiber – 9 packets
  • Forever Therm – 18 tablets
  • Tape Measure
  • Shaker
  • Step-by-Step Booklet

Give your GUT and DIGESTION a REST and a complete MAKE-OVER  for a NEW LEASE on LIFE!

R1865 for the BOX 

P.S. please indicate your preferred shake flavour when ordering.

Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo


Instead of having to rely solely on man-made sudsing agents, our favorite ingredient: Aloe, naturally supplies saponins which help create a gentle lather.

An equally important shampoo star is jojoba which gives a keratinizing effect that brings out the hair’s natural colors and brilliance.

As it is also important to condition your scalp and hair during shampooing,  Forever Essential Oils Lavender is added, which imparts a soothing fragrance, helps hair’s shine and supports the scalp.

The last oil is a rich one. Rose Hips oil is the only vegetable oil to naturally contain Vitamin A, plus it has high levels of vitamin C. Rose Hips oil will help keep your scalp moisturized. These ingredients remove even the clingiest oils while simultaneously soothing your scalp. 

Get ready to have manageable, strengthened, full bodied hair that will turn even more heads!

R275 (296 ml)

Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse

This complementary conditioning rinse is fortified with Vitamin B Complex, Macadamia and Jojoba oils, as well as their Forever Essential Oils Lavender which will give your hair extra shine, your scalp extra moisture and your mane more manageability.

Jojoba has been treasured for its moisture-boosting properties for centuries, but we didn’t stop there. We added Macadamia oil which is a fabulous emollient, and is high in unsaturated fat, even higher than olive oil to moisturize your skin and scalp.

Featuring Forever’s Lavender Oil, this pure oil sourced from Bulgaria conditions hair and improves shine.

Lastly, sunflower seed oil rounds out this fabulous foursome of oils because it has high levels of linoleic acid that can assist your skin barrier, helping your scalp to stay moisturized. Besides paying special attention to your scalp, this oil-rich, PH-BALANCED formula coats your hair shaft to eliminate split ends. Powerful enough to leave your hair softer, shinier and more manageable but lightweight enough to be used as a leave-in conditioner without heavy build up.

 R275 (296 ml)

GIN-CHIA The King of Tonics!

As 100 chewable tablets, Fertility, Energy and Stamina is what this gem of a product is all about, and more…!

As a major ADAPTOGEN this product seeks weakness in the body and restores it, bringing back balance as well as protection.

Gin-Chia BENEFITS the:

  • Stimulates the PHYSICAL and MENTAL ACTIVITY
  • Improves CIRCULATION
  • Assists with ASTHMA
  • Stimulates the PRODUCTION of RED and WHITE BLOOD CELLS
  • Improves DIGESTIVE secretions
  • Improves the ENDOCRINE GLAND (particularly the sexual gland)
  • Improves MEMORY
  • Helps with METABOLISM
  • Very powerful ENERGIZER
  • Consists of FIBRE, PROTEIN and very good ANTI-OXIDANTS
  • Improves TEETH and BAD BREATH
  • It improves STAMINA and ENDURANCE
  • It’s CALMING to the STRESS levels
  • Supports HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE levels

R277 (100 Chewable Tablets)

Aloe MSM Gel

This cool gel offers soothing relief to sore, tight, strained or pulled muscles!

MSM = Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, an organic sulfur found in almost all living organisms. It’s actually the third most abundant substance in our body. No, it doesn’t smell!

The main ingredient is pure, stabilized Aloe Vera.

R361 (118ml)

Aloe Heat Lotion

An ideal massage lotion that gives relief after work, sports or working out.

Unlike the MSM gel which has no smell, the heat lotion contains warming agents along with the 100% stabilized aloe, such as eucalyptus and menthol, that has a refreshing smell and  gives a sense of heat which lingers long after it has been applied…

Aloe Heat Lotion is a quick fix for warming up muscles or great on tired and achy muscles if you’ve been on your feet all day!

R233 (118ml)

doTERRA Therapeutic Essential Oils

The WORLD LEADERS in CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC Essential Oils (Natural Medicine).

They essentially provide a NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to using over the counter drugs and medication which are laden with CHEMICALS which can result in side effects – dependencies and long-term ill effects! So they help people with their health issues and overall well being i.e. PREVENTATIVE Health Care.

Take control of your family’s health, naturally.

To get set-up with your OWN OILS or to join my BUSINESS TEAM, follow the link below!


essential oils
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