This 9 day program has been put together as part of the 60 days to a cleaner, healthier you to HELP CLEANSE THE SYSTEM, getting RID OF TOXIC BUILD UP (we have about 4.5kg of toxins that we carry in our gut!)
Throughout the 9 days, your body will be CLEANSED and you will feel REVITALIZED, RE-ENERGIZED and REFRESHED!

Most people will lose some weight – how much depends on you as an individual. Some people lose a couple of pounds, some will lose 2-5kg and some will lose more. Most people will also LOSE CENTIMETERS. The important thing is that you will FEEL MUCH BETTER and you WON’T LOSE MUSCLE which is what happens when you diet.


The FIRST TWO DAYS are the toughest, and yes you will need WILLPOWER!
In the Cleanse pack you will get:
* 2 x litres of ALOE
* Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein : A healthy MEAL REPLACEMENT 15 servings
* A food supplement Kit which contains:
***Forever GARCINIA PLUS to help with sugar levels
*** Forever THERM for metabolism
*** Gluten free water soluble FIBRE
* And a DAILY PLANNER to keep track, and with information on how to follow the plan.
PLUS you will get lots of hand holding and support!

DAYS 1-2
You will be taking on board lots of ALOE VERA
Aloe is packed full of amino acids, vitamins and nutrients to flood the system and give it what it needs, it also gently CLEANSES the system. It helps BOOST the IMMUNE SYSTEM and will help get RID OF BLOATING.
GARCINIA is an APPETITE SUPPRESSANT that you take before meals – and contains chromium picolonate that will help with sugar cravings…
WATER: essential to keep you going and flush out the toxins!
EXERCISE of course!
And One nutritious PROTEIN SHAKE with just the right amount of carbs and proteins for your body… delicious and can be mixed with semi skimmed milk, soya, almond or rice milk or water… (chocolate or vanilla)

DAYS 3-9
All of the above except now you have 2 SHAKES A DAY, AND a nutritious 600 CALORIE MEAL!
You will find the first two days the toughest but you WILL get through them and will start to feel pretty good by day 4!

The Cleanse plan is endorsed by doctors as a SENSIBLE, SAFE plan and is NUTRITIONALLY SOUND thanks to it being developed by a nutritionist.
The best part is, feeling amazing after! Full of ENERGY and LIFE. SKIN commonly takes on a GLOW, thanks the Aloe (just one reason why many people continue to drink it) coupled with a ‘clean’ feeling. A new attitude towards food and dieting is commonly achieved, plus the weight will stay off thanks to it not being a crash diet.
After the 9 days most people will continue to stay on the ALOE DRINKING GEL.
Why? it continues to help with the appetite and staves off hunger
Plus its full of such goodness that you will have lots of energy! And it helps with bloating – so make sure you keep taking your aloe.
You can keep taking the SHAKES as and when you want and the other supplements.
If you want to order the Cleanse program or have any other questions, ask the person who added you to this page and they will help you.
We sold over 47,000 of our clean 9 packs in 2013 – this program is simple, safe and it works!

What happens next: FIT 1 or FIT 15

There are things you can do to help you prepare for the Clean 9 – here are some of our tips”
1. CUT right back on CAFFEINE and BOOZE- it is the withdrawal from these that can cause headaches in the first few days – if you can stop completely for at least 4 days before that would be better.
2. Start doing the 30 MINUTES EXERCISE a day (or more) for at least 5-7 days before you start to get into the habit of it
3. Up your WATER intake to 2 LITRES A DAY, you can do this by replacing hot drinks with hot water and lemon and taking a 1 litre bottle of water to work. ALWAYS start your day by drinking a large glass of water.
4. Practice making some 600 CALORIE or lower MEALS for days 3-9
5. Start just AFTER YOUR PERIOD.
6. Try getting used to drinking ROOIBOS tea (without milk or sugar of course) before starting the Clean 9 as this is naturally caffeine-free and very low in tannins so a great alternative to water if you still feel the need for a cup of tea!

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